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For the 4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity we have decided to prioritize the creation of significant networking opportunities for students, early-career scientists and senior scientists. To achieve this, we are launching three independent initiatives aiming at bringing conference attendees closer together and helping build the network of the next generation of researchers in marine sciences.


1. Soirée Saint-Laurent


Maison du Développement durable

Samedi 12 mai 2018, 18h00

15$ + tx
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2. Conférence " Merveilleux Saint-Laurent: plongée au cœur de notre identité et de notre biodiversité "


Maison du Développement durable

Lundi 14 mai 2018, 19h30

Entrée libre et gratuite

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3. Social Media Extravaganza


This initiative will connect researchers with students shortly before and during the conference through social media. Researchers will review and provide feedback on participating students’ presentations. Opportunities for meetings during the conference will be created, with special rooms set aside to provide ideal settings for discussions.


4. Networking Tool Extraordinaire


A networking tool will be available to all conference attendees. By using information such as your research interests, your affiliation and the content of your abstract, the tool identifies attendees that are more similar to your profile and provide you with their contacts. Setting up a meeting and exchanging ideas will be easier than you could imagine!


5. Exceptional Mentoring Program


A mentoring program is currently developed, with the objective of connecting multiple early-career scientists with senior scientists to exchange ideas and perhaps eventually collaborate on research projects. The aim is to generate meaningful and profound networking opportunities for students and early-career scientists with senior scientist. The difference with this initiative? The program will begin well in advance of the conference and may culminate in a joint presentation from mentors and mentees. Willing participants will be invited to apply for this program, as places will be limited.


Stay tuned for more information as the programs are developed in anticipation of the conference!



4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity

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